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We at the Kitchen Incubator would love to see all of our users succeed. Because of this we currently offer some basic commercial equipment training and business planning assistance. As the incubator continues to mature, more services and trainings will be available to users to assist them in growing their enterprise. 

Orientation & Training

The law requires that tenants understand components of equipment safety, sanitation, and food safety.  When opened, The Kitchen Incubator must ensure that tenants utilizing the facility are competent in these basic areas. We realize this may be a review for some. 

  • Food Safety Training:  Food safety training is required for all producers and employees.  Food storage, cross contamination issues, and safe food handling techniques are to be included.

  • Sanitation Orientation:  Sanitation procedures are required for all producers and their employees.  Training will include sanitation objectives and demonstrations of procedures required at the facility.

  • Equipment Safety Orientation:  Training on equipment at the facility is required of producers and their employees.  Training will include equipment function, operation, and safety standards. 


​Business Planning


The incubator provides users with free business counseling, by appointment or through workshops, to discuss various issues and move forward the micro enterprise.

  • For start-ups, counselors will be available to assist in formation of an initial business plan outline and formation of a sales & marketing startegy.

  • Product Development.

  • For those needing more comprehensive assistance, references can be made to the proper services in the community. 


Marketing specifics should be outlined in a company's business plan. However, we know that often this is a challenging area for entrepreneurs. 

  • Outline of the four P's: product, price, place (distribution) and promotion. The promotional mix encompasses advertising methods including online, personal selling, direct marketing, public relations and sales promotions. Selecting media outlets will be included. 

  • Creative aspects such as assistance with the development of a logo, packaging and labels, informational material, ads and design of farmers' market stands or other direct-sell components. 

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